It is a kind of catering that is here for you to ensure a smooth and pleasant course of social events organized by you. Our mission is to complete the unique atmosphere of your celebrations and meetings with unique culinary art.

The range of possibilities is wide and we will be pleased to welcome you wherever you are going to experience exceptional moments. From a private garden party in your garden, to celebrations of life anniversaries, to meetings with friends and loved ones with whom you want to share a joyous event in your life, work or personal successes. Wherever you are and in any company, we will stand behind you, always ready to provide first-class service to you and your guests.

Our experience will be guided by your ideas and will satisfy us nothing less than a perfect experience for you and your guests.

Whatever you are interested in is at your disposal. We provide a unique bartender show, tasting delicate wines, as well as first-class cognac and delicious Belgian chocolate.


The wedding day has an extraordinary event in every family. At the same time it is the culmination of several months of preparations connected with the fulfillment of the idea of the concrete form of this unique life experience.

Wedding catering wants to help you to fulfill your expectations as faithfully as possible and to relieve you from the worries of providing a wedding reception.

Our managers are accustomed to deal with every detail and leave no idea or demand of clients unnoticed. Together with the culinary art of our chefs, the helpfulness of the whole staff is a guarantee of an exceptional gastronomic experience on this unforgettable first day of your journey together.

Together with you we will choose the menu for the wedding reception so that we will please even the most demanding guests of yours. We will help you fine-tune any details - from the red carpet at the wedding ceremony to postponing meals and drinks for the Sunday feast of the feast.



We will prepare a catering quote for your party and celebration.

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