Gott and the presidents

Much time has passed since then, and Senator Banquets has catered for hundreds of events - from simple snacks during conferences, summer barbecue parties, balls, to flashy receptions in a variety of dining areas. ,,Almost all personalities from the field of olitic, cultural, social and sport life of Slovakia were present at events where we provided catering services. From abroad it was also the prime ministers, presidents and members of the governments of the neighboring states and the artists repeatedly Karel Gott, Brigit Nelson and many others,,.


However, the company has not only experience with personalities, but also with a variety of event facilities. We worked in most large areas for events such as Istropolis, Incheba, Slovak National Theater or the former PKO. And, according to people from these areas, the services of this company are among the best. 


The advantage is that the professionals from our company can handle a complete party service for more than 2000 people. It ranks us among the largest Slovak catering companies. By the way, we do not only provide a events in Slovakia, we also have experience from outside the border. The most distant destinations were Berlin, Hanover and Cologne.


In addition to party service and catering, Senator Banquets operates with one of the largest restaurants and catering inventory rental companies in Slovakia, including complete additional services such as inventory washing and transportation. Another pillar of the business is the division of gastronomic operations - at present we operate in SMÚ and SND.